Gruff Rhys The Almond & The Seahorse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2023)

LP / Rock

The 22-track album comprises original songs and instrumental score, all composed by Gruff Rhys. Recorded between 2021-2022 with a host of featured musicians including members of the National Orchestra of Wales, the music features throughout the forthcoming film of the same name, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rebel Wilson and Celyn Jones.

  • A1. Skyward
  • A2. The Brain And The Body
  • A3. People Are Pissed
  • A4. Layer Upon Layer
  • A5. Orea
  • B1. Joe's Theme
  • B2. Sunshine And Laughter Ever After
  • B3. Variation With Strings
  • B4. Amen
  • B5. Low Cello
  • B6. Liberate Me From The Love Song
  • B7. Love Love Love
  • C1. I Want My Old Life Back
  • C2. Forest Waltz
  • C3. Dance All Your Shadows To Death
  • C4. Library To Kiss
  • C5. Staccato With Cello
  • C6. Small Talk
  • D1. Toni's Theme
  • D2. Ffenestr
  • D3. Penbedw
  • D4. Arogldarth